Friday, February 18

Christian Siriano Designs a Party-Ready Collection for Spiegel

Are there no limits to Christian Siriano’s design talents? The Project Runway winner has already collaborated with brands like Puma, Payless and Victoria’s Secret Beauty, all the while maintaining his eponymous ready-to-wear line — and now he’s adding online retailer Spiegel into the mix.It’s a lot of great, fabulous cocktail dresses that you could wear a few times to different occasions.” Siriano’s collection, which is priced from $49 up to $599, runs the gamut from a day-to-evening suit to a classic bias-cut leopard frock. The designer’s favorite piece, however, is a black party dress (pictured), featuring pleated black chiffon on top and his trademark flounces on the bottom. For now, Siriano’s involvement with Spiegel is limited to this 10-piece run, but that’s not to say he won’t design for the brand again in the future. -Corbyn

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