Sunday, February 6

Corbyn's Nookcolor

For x-mas I got a nook color and what can I say I LOVE IT!!!! In a way it does everything a i Pad can do. I've already have downloaded a ton of books to read along with magazines. I did just did get a new case for it, pink/white zebra print case. I have done of few post from my nook, and it's so great I can stay in bed all day and no everything on my nook; Watch video on you tube, read blogs, read some of my emails. So far so great,being able to put my own music on there is super great. -Corbyn
P.S. My nail polish is chipping sorry! The page my nook is on in the pic, is where I had downloaded sample of books before I bought them. Then the other pic is me on my favorite fashion site kaboodle.

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  1. how much is it vs. the ipad? I didnt know they had the internet on those! I love...