Wednesday, April 6

I really love my... 100th Post

100th post, So this is a special one. Four quirky things(or pics) about Corbyn

1. When this picture was taken, I was caught off guard and was trying not to laugh. My friend was in the Coat Closet and she had My mom's fur coat on and my Dog was barking like crazy, thinking it was an animal.

2. I am the only child and sometimes I bust into random song and dance, and might throw in a little theater. My parents get a laugh out of it every-time

3. 500 Books I have read, is it bad that I keep track?

4. Sun-dance, Indie films are my current obsession. Some of the ones I watch are Ah-amazing. Like Camille that stars; James Franco and Sienna Miller

So I hope everybody enjoyed this special post- Corbyn


  1. so you're on twitter now! :) I will have to add you. I'm @timelessf.. congrats on the 100th post.