Thursday, June 30

High School, Freshman year 2010-2011

Let me say everybody says high school is scary and it really wasn't in my opinion, I mean for me it might of helped that I did volleyball during the summer and met other freshmens and other girls that were upper class man.

School: Specializes in Business, Finance and Law. I mean is probably a little 90210, Degrassi and gossip girl minus New York and uniforms. It is one of the top schools in the county

Friends: Lets just say this year I really didn't find someone that I truly bonded with. The main problem I had with bonding with people was jealously. And I thought everybody had moved on from that stage, well not. A lot of people thought who I am putting forward wasn't the true me, or the way I talk or dress. I mean I didn't think I was talking funny or weird. I'm told I talk to proper (I didn't know that was such a thing)

Social: I loved all the prep rallies and spirit week and all the events we had. Not having a Facebook did keep me out of petty drama, which I was pretty glad about. One example there were list of all the high schools students that had various titles(ugliest things like that) and people would print them off of Facebook and show them around. Once again stupid Drama.

Style: I feel that everywhere there is always going to be that must have item, or the must have store to shop. This year I did display my own style I did get a lot of compliments from it and also did help me stand out from the crowd. some people are afraid to strand out of the crowd.

Label: And people have told me to my face that they would call me an Oreo. (I'm black on the outside but white on the inside) I don't know how people came up with that since a lot of people haven't even spoken to me or haven't gotten to know me. Besides the Oreo label people do say I'm stuck and rich. And that is based all on appearance. some tell me it based on what I like to eat,wear,watch,talk, and twitter. I mean does it bother them I wear uggs, designer handbags, juicy couture. I mean all that is material things and you take that all away I'm just a normal teen. In April we did have changelle day (MTV's hit show if you really knew me) At one point of the day a lot of people came up to me people I didn't know and there were sorry for mentally judging me once I sat down.

Revenge: I mean there are a lot of people I could just pull their hair out, but for me it's going over and behind and sometimes being fabulous is the rest revenge.

Opportunities: I had volleyball and different clubs but the one thing I was lucky to have joined are schools broadcasting class, Its a class were we perform skits announce the daily news for school and a lot of different things that are broadcast all over the school whereever tv are. I was the only freshman in that class so a lot of people kinda got to know me through Gtv.

Rating of this year: ☺☺☺☺ (four smiley faces out of 5)


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  2. High school can sometimes stink! and im sorry for people being names--i promise once freshman year is over things get better!

  3. Thank you I hear that a lot so lets hope for the best!