Tuesday, August 2

Outfit Of The Day

Finally I have time to do a OOTD post. I will be blogging everyday this week, I have also joined a few websites to increase my blog flow.Summer is coming to a end I have 15 days until school starts, I'm pretty prepared with everything I need this school year.
My room is pretty much finished so my OOTD will mostly been taking everyday and I will post some of my Charleston pictures.
In the background of the picture might look a little messy I was helping my mom hang a mirror in the living room.
Teal Cardigan- Target
Plain White Tank Top- Target
Khaki Short- J.Crew
Bracelet- cant remember you can see that I have had it f
or a while
Sliver Watch- Sammoons(
I will do a post about this Texas base store)
T.J Maxx

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