Wednesday, May 30

What's In Bag: End of School Year Edition

 Here is a look to what is in my tote currently. I really don't have much in here considering it's the end of the school year, and all I'm doing at school are exams.

Binder, Geometry notebook and blackberry curve 3g

Tortoise Shell eyeglasses, calculator and beats by Dr. dre headphones

Juicy Couture Sequin key chain coin purse

Compact mirror, hand lotion, Flower Bomb roller ball, hand sanitizer

Pencils, Pens, Highlighter, lead and stapler

Fun Read
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Strawberry kiwi water
Ocean Spray Craisins


  1. Cute tote! + How is that book? It sounds weird to me + And your beauty products put mine to shame, haha. I have one tiny bottle of bath and body works lotion, and that's about it. + I'm in desperate need of a new makeup bag. Any suggestions?


  2. @ Mighty B
    Thanks! Yeah the book really isn't something I would normally read but I was at Barnes&noble looking for a book and I saw this one. I remembered seeing the trailer for the film and it looked so I was like why not read the book. For makeup bags I normally go to T.J.Maxx or I use the bags they give you as a free gift when you buy certain products.