Sunday, July 15

In Order to look like a fox ,you must sweat like a pig

      Everybody tires to workout before summer, you know to get the summer body. The crave/motivation for me to start working out again is when its time to return to school. Maybe its because every school year you start with a new appearance, and you always want to look amazing.

 In order to keep that crave/motivation I have to have a killer playlist, there's nothing like cranking up your ipod and getting into the zone. Below are a few songs on my work out playlist.

1.Jessie James- Blue Jeans                   16.Ke$ha- Tik Tok
2.DJ Khaled- All I Do is Win               17.Kelly Clarkson- Stronger(What Doesn't Kill You)
3.LMFAO- Shots                               18.Eminem- Not Afraid 
4.Christina Aguilera- Fighter                19.David Guetta- Where Them Girls At
5.Carrie Underwood- Good Girl         20.Kanye West & Jay-Z- No Church in the Wild
6.Black Eyed Peas- Imma Be             21.Eminem- Space Bound            
7.Calvin Harris- Feel So Close           22.Kanye West- Mercy 
8.PCD- Buttons                                 23. Ellie Goulding- Lights
9.David Guetta- Sexy Chick               24.Rita Ora- How We Do(party)              
10. Fergie- Fergalicious                      25.Lady GaGa- Paper Gangster
11.Ester Dean- Drop it low                 26. Jordyn Taylor- Accessory
12.Havana Brown- We Run The Night 27.Dev- Bass Down Low
13.Usher- Scream                               28.PCD- Bad Girl
14.Nelly Furtado- Promiscuous           29.B.o.B- Play for Keeps
15.Flo Rida ft. Sia- Wild Ones            30. Beyonce- Run the World(Girls)