Monday, December 31

Twenty Thirteen

This year I will be organized and I figured starting off with a really cute and adorable Lilly agenda was the way to do it. I'm sure just like anyone else we start off strong with being organized then mid way through it's complete mayhem. So along with my new Lily agenda and Pinterest amazing ideas I'm sure I will be very organized in 2013.
This is probably going to be a tough habit for me to start...Getting a full eight hours of sleep. I love to sleep, so I'm not even sure why it's so difficult to get enough sleep 
Better Study habits is all I got to say

 "In Order to Look Like A Fox You Must Sweat Like A Pig"
I'm pretty sure foursquare will get tired of me checking into the YMCA all the time. Being fabulous is always a motivation to stay in shape, and lets not forget Spring Break. Working out and eating healthy always does wonder for your skin, hello natural glow!
*All Photos from Tumblr


  1. love this!!!! i definitely want to get more on the workout wagon hahah! wishing you an amazeballs and blessed 2013 :)!

  2. your bring up a good point...why is it so hard to get in 8 hrs when you actually enjoy sleeping??? too much to do i guess.

  3. I have that same sleeping mask, inspired by Audrey's in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Love it!