Wednesday, December 19

What to Carry in your Carry On

What to Carry in you Carry On

I decided to do this post since this time of the year many people are traveling. Whether it's to ya grandma's house in Texas or your family's vacation home in Cabo San Lucas everybody can get a little something out of my post. 
1. Start off with a medium sized to a large tote, considering airline prices most people double their carry-on as their purses as well. For me also having a large carry-on I normal place my speedy in there, it's one of my prized possessions and I would hate for something to happen to it. Also you can carry a clutch or a saddle bag with you.
2.  One of the most important thing to have in your carry-on. Your wallet, boarding pass, and passport if you are traveling outside the U.S.A. Make sure you have your I.D. and anything else you plan on having in your wallet(cash, change, bank card, credit card etc.)
3. Ya Can't forget the sunnies, besides  blocking the sun they also serve the purpose of keeping people from bothering you. (It's possible that you've been seated next to someone who likes to ask endless questions)
4. Cell Phone can't forget this for many countless reasons. 
5. Ipad or Laptop being another important possession it's best to make sure these electronics are nearby during the flight. They also provided entertainment for the flight. 
6. Travel Jewelry case something as well that is best kept with you during your flight. 
7. A lightweight jacket or large scarf is great to have just in case you get cold during your flight. With the material being lightweight you can just tuck it into your carry-on if you don't end up needing it. 
8.   Mini make-up bag since this won't contain all your make up for the duration of your stay on vacation. This should just contain a chap stick, a lipstick/lip gloss if you were wearing one that day, blush, mini brushes, a mascara etc. Or if you are wearing a natural face on the flight but once landing applying your makeup, then the bag should contain whatever you are using. (Just make-sure it doesn't look like sephora in the airport bathroom)
 9. Also in a smaller pouch I normally have all my electronics chargers. You may never know if you have a lay over or delayed flight but at least you'll be able to charge your cell phone. 
10. It's always great just to have a light and easy read in your bag, or a magazine depending on what you prefer. (I always normally end up with a book and a magazine.)

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