Monday, March 11

What I'm Loving

1. Ghost, vampire, and a Werewolf living in the same house makes for some really good drama. Their are two series currently going on for Being Human one is the BBC version and the other is the U.S. version. Both are on Netflix but by far I love the U.S. version. For a while I was tired of the whole vampire and werewolf thing, but Being Human has changed my thoughts. Josh by far is my favorite character of the show, he's awkward, shy, and pretty cute.

2. The wolf pack is back for one final crazy night in Vegas. Some might not find the Hangover films funny, but their pretty hilarious. Scenes in some of their previous movies might of had you thinking "Did they really just show that", but ya gotta love Alan and his weirdness.

3. This past Friday I was able to do a guest post about What to Wear for Spring Break 2013. Below is the link to go check it out.

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