Sunday, June 12

Corbyn's Summer Essentials 2011

Here are my summer essentials for this summer.
perfect for kicking back and reading books, I have a ton of books to start reading. When I want to relax by the pool I will defiantly be catching up on reading or checking out some of my fave blogs, since my nookcolor does get WiFi. When I do get bored I can play angry birds since I've gotten that app on my nookcolor I have been playing nonstop.

Ray Ban rb3025 Aviator Large Metal
Before I was obsessed with the Hollywood sunglasses, the ones that are so big that they basically covered your face. Now I'm totally in love with the aviator style and have been for a while but just haven't found a pair that I liked and these have become my best-friend. To me their the type of glasses that go with every outfit. There is some sunglasses that only looks right with certain outfits.Or maybe its just your personality.

HeadScarf Tied into a bow
This summer I am going with out heat, and I have been doing this for four months and my hair has grown a lot. With me just air drying I will be having a lot of waves and curls and this trend is very cute with some many different prints of summery scarfs you will have endless options when choosing. when I wear headbands I soon to get a headache so this is a great option.

I have no arch so my feet and get very sore very quick, but with TOMS their super comfy and I love them and they practically go with all my sundresses.
Nail Polish
This is the perfect time to break out all the neons and the bright colored nail polish although I wear bright nail polish all the time, and it kicks your outfit up a knotch.

Sundresses are something very easy to throw on, and there are so many ways to dress with your sundress. you have wedges, gladiators, TOMS, motorcycle boots, cowboy boots and Cardigans, denim jackets, statement jewelry. Just so many options with sundresses.

That is big enough to hold sunscreen your glasses iPod and all the other essentials that need to be carried. With room to place things when you have to buy something(like me)

A Great Summer Anthem
Which is a song that just makes you want to enjoy that moment or a song that you hear that gives you confidence that ya need this summer.


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see that we have similiar taste:) I love the scarf and bow, and will have to try this as well. I actually have that case as well that's in ur pic.

    I pulled up that same pic of Halle and though that her dress was so cute!

  2. OMG! Adore this post. Everything you posted, I have been thinking about. I just bought the Ray-ban aviators in 3026 - they are ginormous! I love em. I was in my closet last week going through my scarves. I want to implement them more in my summer wardrobe. I told myself mental note:need more summer dress. I love dresses..period!. I am a Chanel nail polish freak and actually own Orange Fizz and planned on painting my toes with it. It screams summer. And yes summer anthem,everyone needs one...mine is Superbass by Ms Nicki Minaj.

  3. Wow if I can find that nail colour for my clothes... that'd be great! xoxo, C