Saturday, June 11

Haul:Piggy Bank Save

I don't now if it's still a haul even though it's one item that I will be using for ever. Above I have a page titled Piggy Bank Save, and moi has finally reached her goal.
Last Saturday my mom woke me up and told me I had thirty min to get dress b/c we were going to the SouthPark mall in Charlotte(as you all know where I live all the malls with the best stores are 4hours away)They do have a great selection of stores such as Hermes, Juicy Couture, Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, Neiman Marcus and a whole bunch of stores I love.

We looked around and we wondered into Louis Vuitton and we looked around and I was trying to decide what I could possibly buy and use it forever. Such as my Speedy that is a classic to me and I will be using for a lifetime. On my piggy bank page one of the bags is a monogram neverfull GM, well that tote was pretty huge and I felt like a bag lady. So I went down a size to the neverfull MM and I felt that was the perfect size. Next was choosing what pattern; monogram canvas(my speedy is already that pattern) Damier Azur Canvas (really light for my taste) and Damier Ebene Canvas the one I chose I loved the pattern and it macthed my zippy wallet that I got for my birthday which was a win.

Sorry if my bag looks funny, I realized after I took the pictures that my shoes from ballroom dancing was still in there(I will be doing a what's in my bag post Wednesday night, and my summer essentials post will be up later)- Corbyn

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