Sunday, October 21

Favorite Apps

If you follow me on twitter who know that over a week ago I made my last tweet from my precious blackberry. I was thinking it would be  a while before my bb finally just stopped working. So, of course my first initial thought was that I would just get the bb bold 9900 the only problem was my phone carrier didn't have it in stock. I live through my phone everything comes to my phone, whether is my mom on updates for my activities, something for work, and of course staying in touch with friends. That leads me to say I'm now team android ..... yes I never thought I would be saying that. Everybody that has seen me using my non bb have been beyond shocked.  Here are a few apps that I'm constantly using and have fallen in love with.

(Left to Right)

1. Instagram
2. Words with friends
3. Insta Pic Frame
4. Chomp SMS
5. Gmail
6. Foursquare
7.  Netflix
8. Angry Birds Space
9. Yahoo Mail
10. Twitter
11. Pinterest
12. Tumblr
13. Photo fx Live wallpaper
14.  Pandora
15. My horoscope
16. Beautylish

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