Friday, January 25

Rock The Hallways: Meet Linnie

      Meet 16 year old Junior Linnie from Hanoi

What does style mean to you? Style is a way to express yourself, be individual you know, style can be a way a find your niche in a society where everyone is dying to look like one another. 
   Any Current Trend you've noticed at school? High waist bottoms and studs! 
Dream Career? Work in a fashion magazine firm, as a marketer or editor, with a humble boss. Haha! 
What do you do in your spare time when you're not blogging or at school? Finding new music and chillin with my friends 
Style Icons? Velvet Codeine! Her blog’s awesome 
If you could splurge on anything, what would it be? Probably shoes, or outerwear, or some really good ass foundation
 Song Currently Loving? Electric Guest – This head I hold 
One Goal for 2013? Maintain my current GPA 
 Flats or Heels?  Flats!! 
Bold Nail Polish or Bold Lipstick? Nail polish! 
Favorite Movies? Pride & Prejudice 
What would be your go to outfit? High waist shorts and a shirt tucked in and some white shoes
Any tips on confidence for other girls when it comes to having a style different from their peers/ incrowd( popular kids).First of all confidence stems from self-belief, so just wear something that’ll make you feel comfortable and pretty and the same time (even if it’s unorthodox in your school), I don’t mean look pretty but feel pretty! Whether your outfit is actually pretty may be questionable, but as long as you feel like a babe, and therefore believe that you look like a babe, your confidence is going up up up and this will rub off on the people around you, and they’re not going to give you any bullshit.

 Get more of Linnie's style over at her blog

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