Monday, January 14

What to Carry for Mid-Terms

What to Carry for Mid-Terms Within the next few days I'll be taking mid-terms for all my classes at school, and I'm sure many of you other fashionistas is about to or have already taken mid-terms.

1. It's important to stay hydrated and sometimes it's handy to have caffeine on hand if ya need it. I rarely use red bull but sometimes it's needed to get things done.

2. Cell Phone and HeadPhones These both come in handy for a form of entertainment. With smartphones there are so many apps that could keep you occupied for hours.

3. In between classes, study hall or cramming during lunch it's always good to have your material on hand for your mid-terms. Flashcards always helps when have to memorize materials along with highlighters.

4. Help keep track of all ya mid-terms you have that week.

5.  Light jacket just in case the classroom happens to get chilly. It always serves as a pillow to catch up on some sleep.

6. Wallet, well just because you need it.

7.  A Fun read is always good to have, and also a good way to escape the mayhem of mid-terms.

9. It's important for you to be able to see.

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