Friday, March 1

Rock The Hallways: Meet Lauren

  Meet 15 year old Lauren from Atlanta Georgia. 

Describe your style: 
I would say that I am urban with a mix of vintage. I love mixing  prints and dressing very well weird I guess.
 How did you start blogging: When I was younger I had the idea to start a street style blog where I would just find people with stellar style and blog about them. That didn't really get itself off the ground, but last summer I started accumulating a lot of my writings about fashion and I decided to post it on my blog. The rest is history. 

 Dream Career:  I want to be a writer for a fashion magazine. I'd love to write my own column on like street fashion or something. If that doesn't work out I'd love to work in the PR industry somewhere in fashion. 

Song Currently Loving: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun remixed by the Maine
Favorite TV show: Adventure Time

Current trend you've noticed at school: Just when I thought UGG boots (my worst enemy) was taking over the halls of my school, I noticed that everyone went out and bought a pair of tall fringe mocassin boots to start a new trend of shoes everyone at school must have in their closet. Also I've noticed when girls at my school claim to "dress up"  it involves them putting on a pencil skirt and a see through collared shirt.
Any tips on confidence for other girls when it comes to having a style different from their peers: Find a good color of red lipstick and the darkest pair of sunglasses you can find, then walk into the room and own it! No but really my mantra is stick it to the man, be rebellious and forget what people think of you. You're original and the haters are probably just clones of someone else.

Places to find Lauren:

My Instagram: @teenag3_dirtbag


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  1. Love this! Thanks again for the interview. I'll be sure to link back to your blog in my next post.